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Writers, Bloggers, and Poets

digital strategy and support packages to fit any size budget, email marketing, social media and blogging packages, online and telephone support and coaching, laptop and learn workshops, goals set in 90-day format and broken down into customized projects based on time and resources 


Small Biz

social media marketing strategy and support packages, integrated marketing solutions, writing services, small group workshops, online community support and management, content production packages including content marketing, email marketing, blogging, and updating website content


Community Organizations

Access to hyper local and regional resources, press releases, e-newsletters, social campaigns, small group workshops by topic (such as promoting events using social media or digital copyrights) or by platform (such as how to use LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Blogging Tools)



Les Go ♥ Socialites

Les Go Socialites Syllabus

Over the last 30 years, our neighborhoods, workplaces, local, and global communities have been splintered with a lack of authentic relationships and communication. Social media, when used in the right way, can actually foster direct, clear, and engaging communication. That is why we are so passionate about it. In this group you will have support and connection with other good people doing great work. Over the years, I have been called a lot of names: nerd, social media guru, media maven, techie. More recently I have been called a 'social media therapist', "mom" or 'marketing therapist' by three different clients on three separate occasions. This brought my mind back to the original business ideas of Les Go Social being a community of businesses, artists, and civic-minded individuals and organizations helping to create a better world through the world of social networking and digital marketing.

In this group, you will have exlusive access to:

  • Weekly "homework" assignments that will help you push through to find your online voice and presence

  • Daily discussions with other small business owners and artists that are beginning on social media

  • Access to 2 different treks: Planting Seeds and Growing Social. Eventually this group will be segregated by the two treks but initially we will all be in the same room, so to speak.

  • Pertinent technical changes, broken down in a conversational tone, across all social platforms

  • Vetted news about social media updates and implications 

  • Step by Step instruction on how to use current and new features such as Facebook Milestones, Instagram Ads, Google Analytics and More!

  • Step by Step instruction on how to use digital tools and software that will help you increase productivity

  • Editorial Calendar /Content Calendar support

  • Subscription to Blog

  • Discounts on all trainings - both virtual and live
  • And Much More!

Registration begins Thursday, February 16, 2017. First session begins Wednesday, March 1, 2017.


Membership Options

Planting Seeds Series

Whether you would like to set up a blog, learn how to protect your (and your family's) privacy online, create a professional social media profile, or create a marketable presence online using tools such as LinkedIn - we are here to help! Classes and office hours for private instruction are held routinely March through December. Check out upcoming community classes in a few weeks.

Growing Social

This series caters to the small business professional as well as community and non-profit organizations. Find ways for small businesses to get started online without draining time and other resources. Additionally, local solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can connect with hyper local resources and social media connections.